Version Explanation

For the first version of faiNumber, there will be two releases, version 1.0.0.f, and version 1n.0.0.f. Unless stated otherwise, all procedures of version 1.0.0.f are pure procedures. On the other hand, all procedures of version 1n.0.0.f are not or may not be pure procedures. Fainumber will give support to both none pure and pure build for the first version.

This concept of release for the first version is to let the developer have time to thoroughly test the performance of both, the pure and none pure procedures to determine if there is a performance loss for having all the procedures as pure procedures.

If the performance losses(if there is) to have all the procedures as pure procedures is not considerable(less than 100ms per 10 million executions), the future version of faiNumber will only support pure procedures.

For the modules' name, the name of the pure version's modules version is started with fn. While the name of the none pure version's modules is started with fni. For the fnConst and fniConsts modules, their fnVersionNo of both versions, 1 and 1n will have the same version control number. However, their fnPure constants if .TRUE. is version 1 and if .FALSE. is version 1n. fnPure will be removed from the second release if faiNumber-Fortran stop supporting the none pure version.

Take note that the method of how to call an API of the pure build version and the none pure build version may not be the same. Thus, it is recommended to read the documentation before usage.

Version Control Schematic

Version number: Major.Minor.Security/BugFix.Build

Build: (b: Beta), (rc-N: Release Candidate No.), (f: Final).

Take note that the official online web docs for any major release version may always use the (n).0.0.f for that version and its minor, security/bugfix releases.

Major releases will add new feature(s) and/or remove unnecessary API. Any deprecated API will not be removed until at least 3 major versions after the major version that first informed of the removal of the API. However, if it is simply a name change, the API with the old name may just redirect the call to a new name.

Minor releases do not alter, add, nor remove any API. Minor releases are for coding layout improvement, code improvement, and/or code optimization.

Bugfix/Security releases do not alter, add, nor remove any API. Bugfix/Security releases are releases that will fix discovered bug(s) or security loophole(s).

fnVersionNo Array

[1] -> Major
[2] -> Minor
[3] -> Security/BugFix
[4] -> Build(-1: Beta, 0: Final, >0: rc-N)