binaryToInt32TrueError Function

public function binaryToInt32TrueError(input, output, startpos, endpos) result(error)

Parse the input string as bits represented by binary digits to an int32 value.

This function ignores leading and trailing whitespaces.

This function return an int32 value of 0 on successful parse cases or a true error code on unsuccessful parse cases.

Error codes:
0 - none
1 - empty strings
2 - invalid format
3 - value too large for data type
5 - Invalid argument endpos/startpos


Type IntentOptional AttributesName
character(len=*), intent(in) :: input

A string to be parsed as a binary string to an int32 value.

integer(kind=k_int32), intent(out) :: output

An int32 value of the input string if no error has occurred during parsing.

integer(kind=k_int32), intent(in), optional :: startpos

An int32 value of the position(inclusive) of where to start parsing.

integer(kind=k_int32), intent(in), optional :: endpos

An int32 value of the position(inclusive) of where to end parsing.

Return Value integer(kind=k_int32)