host.fai.lib.faiNumber is a numerical library for Java.

host.fai.lib.faiNumber mainly deals with converting strings of number to a supported primitive data type, numerically validating strings or chars, numerically comparing strings, and converting a supported primitive data type to numerical strings.

Currently, host.fai.lib.faiNumber supports converting numerical strings of radix 2, 3, 8, 10, 16 to long and int integer. This library supports comparing strings of any length(bound by memory limitation) of integer values of any radix between 2 to 36 without needing to convert them to a primitive data type.

host.fai.lib.faiNumber's goal is to work with each number radix individually so that the conversion can be perform in the most optimized manner so that maximum speed and efficiency can be achived. Another goal of this libary is to be able to provide support for all numbering systems between 2 and 36. Future support for float, double, short, and byte is also another goal of this library.

Although, this library aimed for speed, not all methods provides by this library did achive maximum optimization. This library is very fast and should be among the fastest for parsing numerical strings of a supported base radix to integer long or integer int data type. For parsing a numerical string to an int or a long integer, this library is faster than the built in library as of JDK 11.

This library numerical strings comparision should also be among the fastest as this library utilizes a lazy but fast algorithm to compare strings of numerical value. However, when it comes to converting a value of integer long or integer int to strings, this library is not as fast as the built in library. Thus, it is recommended to use the built in library Integer.toString() or Long.toString() method for converting a primitive type back to string unless a method designed specifically by this library is needed.

This library does not have any dependency and will maintain that way as that is also one of this library goal.

This library does not remove any API that was released in any final build versions without a notice spanning 3 major release versions.

Before using some of the methods of this library, it is recommended to read the documentation for what they do before using them as some of the methods of this library were built for expert usage. The previous is especially true for any assume**** methods that provide by this library.

Released Versions

--> 1.0.0.f